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Doris Negative and Positive Ion Infuser
  • Doris Negative and Positive Ion Infuser
  • Doris Negative and Positive Ion Infuser
  • Doris Negative and Positive Ion Infuser
  • Doris Negative and Positive Ion Infuser
  • Doris Negative and Positive Ion Infuser

Doris Negative and Positive Ion Infuser

Like poles repel each other, while opposites attract.

Can be used in combination with several products.

1. Vitamin C essence. 2. Different types of masks. 3. Various skin care products. 4. Pure HA concentrate

Removes heavy metals out of skin and dirt out of pores.

Enables your facial skin to absorb 85% mask.


Operating Principle

According to interactions between negative and postive ions, which attract or repel each other, Doris removes heavy metals out of skin and inject nutritive essence into skin with equivalent exchanges of ions (positive electrons for positive electrons, while negative electrons for negative electrons).

Specifically, negative ions enter skin, while positive ions come out. When essential oil/skin cream that contains active ions encounters an electrode of the same polarity, it will penetrate it into skin at a higher speed through pores, sweat glands and intercellular spaces, to have its penetration rate raised by over 10 times.

Meanwhile, it separates dirt in skin from redundant cuticle, to clean skin in depth.

Instrument Features
Product features

1. The distinctively designed probe with a cotton pad makes removal more visual and dirt in pores clearly visible.

2. Enables your facial skin to absorb 75% mask, and you'll feel like using it to apply every mask on your face.

3. The telescopic probe can be applied on the face and the whole body.

4. Real-time monitoring and cloud storage of treatment parameters, for traceable management of the operation effect.

5.Luxurious 7" ultra-large touch screen; Android, lifelong free upgrade!

6.Modular internal structure ensures quality in line with German Industry 4.0!

Super Effect

1.Inhibits melanogenic, and the specially-made Vitamin C essence can whiten skin in depth.

2.Removes heavy metals, clears away dirt in skin in depth.

3.Raises the penetration rate of skin care products by over 10 times and increases mask absorptivity by 85%.

4.Reduces skin sensibility and improves skin elasticity.

Common Indications

1.Various pains in neck, shoulder, waist, leg, knee and joint caused by soft tissue.

2.Postoperative tissue adhesions caused by lingering bone diseases such as cervical spondylosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, arthritis and lumbar disc herniation, as well as post-injury tissue edema and adhesion.

Instrument Parameters
Weight 2.72kg
Body size 152mmx273mmx118mm (L x W x H)
Operating voltage rang(v) 110~240
The maximum probe operating power 10W
The maximum probe output current 2.7mA
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